Friday, 27. 11. 2020

Tree of 2020 chosen

On 28 November, the day when we are marking the efforts of people who are taking care of trees in cities, we are presenting the Tree of 2020. The whole year the title is going to be held by the weeping beech, which is growing in the garden in front of the house at Vodnikova cesta 93 where the owners of the land are taking exemplary care of it.

During the summer we received 29 proposals from the citizens for the tree of the year. From those an expert jury chose seven finalists and the final decision on the winning tree was given to the citizens who voted in a web survey. The winning beech received as many as 41% of all votes cast and so it became the representative of all other trees in the city.

»Each year the voting for the tree of the year involves more citizens – aficionados of trees and nature – and we are pleased we have a relatively large selection of mighty trees. By selecting and naming the tree of the year we are honouring the nature in the city where it is ever more difficult for trees to live, we honour the tree species of the chosen tree, thank the latter for all of its gifts and benefits it offers, we thank the owners, that is, the caretakers of the tree who have been looking after it, and we appeal to the citizens to coexist with the trees, respect them an protect them,« said Deputy Mayor Prof. Janez Koželj who on the occasion of presenting the »medal« to the winning tree expressly commended its caretakers for their efforts to make living in Ljubljana even more pleasant.