Tuesday, 24. 11. 2020

Decisively for the European Capital of Culture 2025

On Tuesday, 24 November 2020, we submitted the second application book for the candidacy of Ljubljana for the European Capital of Culture 2025. Ljubljana is running for the title with the support of 25 municipalities of the Ljubljana Urban Region.

The working group for the preparation of Ljubljana’s candidacy for ECC 2025 has developed the main theme of the candidacy of Ljubljana SOLIDARITY and the slogan of the candidacy is Wireless!

Ljubljana’s programme includes 104 projects designed specifically for the European Capital of Culture 2025, and at least one third of the programme is going to be carried out in the region beyond the City of Ljubljana. The aim of the programme is to address the challenges of the city of the future, but Ljubljana as a capital city shows solidarity towards the region and the country, that is why its programme is decisively addressing cultural challenges of the region and the country as a whole.

Mayor Zoran Janković emphasised: »Choosing the solidarity theme was natural somehow, as Ljubljana is a city of solidarity, comradeship and tolerance, where different people live together and respect each other.« The LJ ECC 2025 programme represents new foundations for the development of culture which is based on European values and bringing together stakeholders in the area of culture, environmental protection, education, science and social affairs. And now more than ever, the theme of solidarity is the key connective tissue we need as a society.

The Slovenian city, which is going to hold the title European Capital of Culture 2025 together with Ljubljana’s partner city Chemnitz in Germany, is expected to be announced by the selection committee on 18 December 2020.